English Editing Researcher Services

Author Community Outreach

Edanz is a globally recognized author services company, providing English editing and other expert services and products with an emphasis on removing barriers to publication success.

Seminars and Workshops

Our author community outreach program already delivers training seminars worldwide: in Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Brazil, USA, India, South Korea and Turkey. In the coming year more authors in these countries and many others will have access to these training programs. Most are delivered in cooperation with our publishing partners. These seminars and training workshops have a variety of subject focuses, from how to write a world-class manuscript to the publication process.

Online Help

We develop and provide tools (our Journal Selector for example), materials (such as E-learning), and training seminars and workshop events for authors who might not otherwise have access to the resources that are available in countries where English is the native language.

Our success as an English editing service, and the level of success of our author outreach program, is measured by the extent of your publication success.