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Yes, follow the steps below to download a printable receipt:

1. Log in to your Edanz account and navigate to 'My Account'.

2. Click on the 'Orders' tab to show your current and previous orders.

3. Click on the order you would like a receipt for.

4. A link to open a window with a printable invoice / receipt will be displayed near the top of the page.

Our standard turnaround time is 2 days.

We also have 3-day and 1-day options. You can view all options and select your turnaround time during the checkout process.

2-day turnaround is not available for documents larger than 10,000 words. 

All orders placed by 17:00 JST on a business day will be processed that same day. Orders placed after 17:00 JST or outside business hours will be processed the next business day.

For editing/rewriting, we accept all Microsoft Office formats, as well as Open Office and LaTeX.

For figures, PDF, TIFF, JPG/JPEG or PNG can be used for reference. Only Microsoft Office format figure files can be edited.

Yes,  when we edit the manuscript, we will check basic journal guidelines and make sure your manuscript is correct.

We will:

  • Check and change spelling/language (use the spelling style specified in the journal guidelines or if there are no requirements use whatever is dominant in the manuscript)
  • We will thoroughly check that your manuscript meets the word limits defined in the instructions for authors.
    • If your manuscript is far over the limit, then we’ll let you know with a comment in the manuscript
    • If you need a large word count reduction, get in touch for a custom quote
  • Check target journal guidelines and leave a guiding comment on the following:
    • Word limits for abstract/manuscript
    • Abstract structure
    • Title page (e.g. missing information)
    • Missing sections (highlights, abstract, introduction, conflict of interest statement, etc.)


We won't make actual formatting changes or leave placeholders for missing information.

Yes, we can edit your references.

Includes the above and the following:

  • Correcting spelling and punctuation as per target journal instructions
  • Adjusting typography (e.g., bold, italics) as per target journal instructions
  • Correcting spacing, replacing Asian characters, correcting journal title style
  • Reducing the number of listed author names in references as per journal requirements
  • Correcting the in-text citation style as per target journal instructions

Does not include:

  • Researching or inserting missing information (e.g., author names)
  • LaTeX files— sorry, we cannot provide our reference editing services for files with LaTeX coding

Edanz does not edit citations or references generated by reference management software such as EndNote or Mendeley;  any changes would be overwritten if the citations or references are regenerated later.

If you don't want your references edited, you can remove them from your manuscript before sending it to us.

Clarification Editing

This is an extra round of editing after the first edit and before submission to a journal. Price: FREE!

We recommend ordering this service in the following situations:

  • You received questions or a request for additional information from our editor via comments in the manuscript.
  • You made changes to the text based on comments that the editor left in the manuscript.
  • You are unsure about whether a change made in the first round reflects your intended meaning and you would like to ask a question/seek confirmation.  
Please send us the following:
  • The revised version of your manuscript. The file should contain tracked changes that you have made after you received your edited manuscript from us.


Review Editing

If you have revised your manuscript after submitting to a journal or after peer review, we can perform a Review Edit to make sure any new text you have added is submission-ready and consistent with the rest of your manuscript. Price: 50% of our regular editing fees!

If you are instructed by the editor of your target journal or peer reviewers to make further revisions, you can send the revised manuscript to us for a Review Edit.

Please send us the following:
  • The revised version of your manuscript. The file should contain tracked changes that you have made after you received your edited manuscript from us.
  • Any communication you have received from the journal such as an email from the journal editor or comments from peer reviewers.

We will thoroughly check the journal's submission guidelines and make necessary changes.

We will:

  • Check journal guidelines and make formatting changes (not language editing) for the following so that the manuscript format suits submission requirements (formatting tables/figures are not included in this service):
    • Title page
    • Abstract
    • Keywords
    • Main text
    • References

Formatting won't include:

  • Increasing / decreasing word count if abstract / manuscript is under / over the word limit
  • Adding new content (e.g., new text, new figures/tables)
  • (Re)formatting tables if they are formatted incorrectly (editors will leave a comment asking the authors to revise as required)
  • (Re)formatting figures if they are formatted incorrectly (editors will leave a comment asking the authors to revise as required)

If you need something that we don’t do, get in touch with us to tell us your requirements, and we will see what we can do to help.

Yes, we can edit your tables and figures.

We will:

  • Check and change spelling/language of the text within the tables/figures and legends

  • Check that the style and formatting (of tables/figures) conform with the target journal's instructions for authors, or are consistent if there is no target journal -  we will let you know if they are incorrect

We won't:

  • Reformat tables or figures if they have been incorrectly formatted

If you don't want us to edit your tables & figures, you can remove them from your manuscript before sending it to us.

If the figures would be useful as a guide for our editor, please send us your figures. If they are large, send us a low resolution version (we can only receive files up to 5MB). We can receive PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF files. Upload these files in the section for supporting documents.

Edanz follows a professional code of ethics and has instituted measures ensuring the confidentiality and security of the manuscripts and all documentation sent to us by our clients. All Edanz Editors, Staff and Directors sign Confidentiality agreements with Edanz.
Your personal information and manuscript data are never shared beyond your assigned editor and the in-house Edanz staff. Edanz secures its networks and communications with the latest encryption software and hardened operating systems. We employ the best tools available and our systems are monitored and audited to keep your data safe during every stage of its journey. For more information see our Security and Privacy Policy.

As an associate member of COPE, Edanz supports the current industry standards in publication and research ethics. We practice this commitment through transparent and ethical services, as well as offering guidance to authors should an ethical issue arise with their manuscript.
You can read more about the Edanz ethics policies in the ethics section.

English language editing by Edanz’s expert editors  will improve the chances of your manuscript being accepted for publication. However, we cannot “edit” the research content of your manuscript: this is something for peer reviewers to comment on.

Therefore, while we cannot make any guarantees regarding the publication of your research, we can guarantee that we will get your manuscript into the best possible condition for submission to a journal for peer review.