English Editing Researcher Services

Clarification Edit - During Additional Editing

We offer an additional round(s) of editing free of charge for clarification of any of the changes we have made or outstanding issues raised by the editor. We strongly recommend that you use these additional rounds of editing before submission so as to bring your manuscript publication ready. For Clarification Editing, please be sure to respond to any queries or comments from your editor in the 1st edit Clear Copy. If you need to make changes or add text to your manuscript, please make those changes to the Clear Copy file. Once you have completed those changes, please send the files to us. You can request Clarification Editing from the Order Details page in your Edanz account.

Notes on Clarification Editing:

In some cases, for example when a large amount of extra text has been added between editing rounds, there may be an additional charge.

Please note that additional rounds of editing will no longer be available once the manuscript has been submitted to a journal. You can still have your manuscript edited after submission to a journal by ordering Additional Editing.

Uploaded files

Tracked Copy*: This version shows the edits made to your original document (you can see all additions and deletions).

Clear Copy: This is essentially a submission-ready version of the manuscript. All comments remain in the first edit clear copy. All comments, and tracking of all addition and deletion notes has been removed.

*Tracking may not display by default on Mac OS computers. If so, turning tracking off and then on again should solve the problem.


Both Tracked and Clear copies are protected with a password. This can be found on your order details page.