English Editing Researcher Services
Standard Editing
  • Native English Editor
  • Language editing for correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure
  • Correct & natural word usage check
  • Tables & figures and references edited for spelling, grammar, and consistency
  • Full transparency: always know who edits your document
  • Fast 3 day turnaround
Which service should I use?
  • Choose Standard Editing if:

    you are confident about the structure of your manuscript and are looking for a final language and grammar check before submission.

  • Choose Expert Editing if:

    your manuscript needs an in-depth edit to improve the structure and flow, and to ensure appropriate technical terminology and phrasing.

Expert Editing
All Standard Editing features, PLUS:
  • Native English Editor who is an expert in your scientific field
  • Improve readability by editing for consistency, clarity, and conciseness
  • Check logic of sentences
  • Edit to the guidelines of your target journal
  • Terminology check: ensure correct terminology is used
  • Figure, table, and reference editing
  • Advice from the editor about how to improve the manuscript
  • Free 2nd round of editing
  • Editor Q&A: you can ask questions and check with the editor about the edit
  • Edanz Editing Certificate (on request)