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Edanz delivers writing workshop to doctors in Osaka, Japan

Edanz delivers writing workshop to doctors in Osaka, Japan


On 8 November 2015, Dr Trevor Lane and Dr Eri Kinoshita led a three-hour writing workshop for primary care physicians attending the 2015 autumn meeting of the Japan Primary Care Association Conference at the Osaka Science and Technology Center, Japan.

The audience of 40 doctors, who were mostly general practitioners and dentists, were given beginner- to intermediate-level editing practice to help them notice common mistakes in writing for English-language indexed medical journals. They also received hints and tips on the correct structure for different clinical research papers, how to make the best first impression to journal editors, and effectively navigating the journal peer review process.

The lively Question and Answer session immediately after the workshop brought up topics covering how to best revise manuscripts according to peer review comments, etiquette in making manuscript submissions and presubmission inquiries, and differences in communicating science to scientists and to the public.

The attendees said the workshop was a useful form of continuing professional development and helped them gain confidence to publish their research in the future. They were keen to try the free Edanz Journal Selector and to continue learning about manuscript writing using the Edanz e-learning platform Author Academy.


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