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Edanz gives guest lectures in Nagasaki, Japan

Edanz gives guest lectures in Nagasaki, Japan


Edanz Group was invited to give two guest lectures in research communication, on 6 and 7 July 2015, at Nagasaki University, Japan. On 6 July, Dr Andrew Jackson lectured on manuscript writing to the audience of 120 graduate students and early-career researchers, and on 7 July, Dr Trevor Lane lectured on and demonstrated good presentation techniques.

Organized by the University Research Administration Office of Nagasaki University, the two 3-hour lectures aimed to present the basic requirements of peer-reviewed journals and research conferences. To make the lectures more interactive and help the participants deeply understand the points being discussed, the lecturers included polls and worksheets to elicit answers and feedback among the audience members, before presenting the ideal answers, patterns, and templates.

Dr Jackson emphasized the importance of a strong and coherent Discussion section of a manuscript, based on the main findings of a study and addressing both limitations and implications. Dr Lane provided lists of Dos and Don'ts for poster and slide preparation, as well as lists of useful phrases to use at different stages of a live presentation.

According to the feedback form replies, more than 95% of the audience said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the two guest lectures and were grateful for the hints and tips. One graduate student wrote: "I'm a young researcher. From these two days of lectures, I gained important knowledge about writing articles, publishing in journals, and also oral presentations. The lecturers' learning points were so clear and understandable. I'm so glad to have participated. Satisfaction 100%!"


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