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Edanz holds Author Success Workshop in Mexico

Edanz holds Author Success Workshop in Mexico


On 5 October 2015, Dr Daniel McGowan led an Edanz Author Success Workshop in Yucatan, Mexico, in collaboration with our publisher partner Springer.

Dr McGowan taught a packed audience in the Centro de Convenciones Yucatán Siglo XXI about how to publish in international biological and chemical journals at the 2015 EntrePares congress, organized by CONRICYT (Consorcio Nacional de Recursos de Información Científica y Tecnológica). This annual event aims to promote scientific communication skills among its 2500 delegates by bringing together researchers and postgraduate students of Mexico with international publishers.

Among the skills covered in the workshop were clear and concise writing, article structure, and how to submit a paper to an indexed international journal, including how to write an effective and professional cover letter to a chief editor. This Mexico event was the last of a South America workshop tour conducted by Edanz in collaboration with Springer, with visits made to Peru and Cuba on 28-29 September and 1-2 October, respectively.


Meet our Presenter

Dr McGowan has won many awards during his career, including in 2003 the EU Marie Curie Post-doctoral Fellowship. He has worked in laboratories investigating the molecular mechanisms in Parkinson’s disease as well as those involved in Huntington’s disease, combining laser micro-dissection, microarray analysis and proteomics. Further study involved micro-array gene expression analysis of molecular processes occurring during normal aging and how these are affected by mental exercise. Dr McGowan has an in-depth knowledge of neurodegenerative diseases, neural function, marine zoology, molecular and cellular biology and protein biochemistry, along with extensive multi-disciplinary laboratory experience of contemporary and traditional techniques including proteomics, functional genomics and cell imaging. His excellent written and oral communication skills are demonstrated by several first author publications. From 2005 to October 2006, Dr McGowan was an Associate Editor at Nature Reviews Neuroscience before becoming a full-time editor for Edanz Editing. Dr McGowan is the Edanz Group Science Director.


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