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Edanz promotes critical reading skills in Okayama, Japan

Edanz promotes critical reading skills in Okayama, Japan


Edanz Group was recently in Okayama, Japan, facilitating at a two-day interactive workshop in efficiently and critically reading academic research papers. Dr Trevor Lane and Dr Kate Harris, who have both worked for indexed international journals, gave hints and tips to two audiences at Okayama University on 20-21 February 2017.

Each of the full-day workshops was dedicated to one main discipline: one in physical and life sciences and one in social sciences. About 15 researchers took part in each class, allowing for small-group discussion and collaboration while going through the guided worksheets.

Using discipline-specific sample articles, the participants gained practice in speed and slow reading, mind mapping, information transfer, and paraphrasing and summarizing. They were taught to actively read and link information to current knowledge and to reader expectations.

During class discussions, the audience drew relationships between efficient but critical reading to improved manuscript writing skills and peer review skills, both of which are important in research careers. Consisting mainly of early-career research staff, the participants said they were keen to pass on their new knowledge and skills to their students.

All participants said they found the Edanz workshop to be useful or very useful and they would recommend it to a colleague.


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