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Edanz trains researchers in advanced writing skills in Hokkaido, Japan

Edanz trains researchers in advanced writing skills in Hokkaido, Japan


Edanz Group delivered a two-day advanced science writing workshop at Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, on 1-2 March 2016.

Dr Trevor Lane and Dr Kate Harris, who have both previously worked for international peer-reviewed science journals, shared their knowledge with two groups of 30 researchers each and used class writing activities to consolidate knowledge gained from the slide presentations. The first group focused on life and social sciences and the second focused on science and technology.

The researchers received training to choose the best illustration types, to clarify ambiguous sentences, and to edit for grammar, logic, and readability. They also received tips on finding the best venue to publish their work after objectively assessing the evidence level and potential societal impact of their findings. Different article and journal types were explained, and warnings were given about being careful to avoid identity theft, predatory journals, and publishing scams.

In addition, the workshop included training on non-academic writing such as preparing press releases for the mass media. This added skill would allow the researchers to increase the types of audience for their research communications and in the long term raise the reputation of their research group and institution.

The organizer thanked Edanz and expressed a  keen interest in repeating the workshops for other levels of researchers, as well as providing individual consultation sessions in the future to further improve researchers' writing skills.


Edanz Group provides tools, resources, and services for researchers and research institutions to publish in international indexed journals and communicate their research to the world. In addition to publication support, editing, and news writing, Edanz offers a range of educational services from trained native-speaking instructors to help all levels of researchers throughout their careers.

Please email global@edanzgroup.com for more information or to request an online or face-to-face lecture, interactive workshop, or individual/small-group consultation.