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Nursing researchers in Japan learn how to peer review at Edanz workshop

Nursing researchers in Japan learn how to peer review at Edanz workshop


On 5 October 2017, Edanz Group conducted a workshop to teach the fundamentals of journal peer reviewing to researchers at the Chiba University Graduate School of Nursing, Chiba, Japan.

The interactive workshop was delivered by Dr Trevor Lane, Education Director and Senior Publishing Consultant at Edanz and previous managing editor of several peer-reviewed journals. The half-day event aimed to give participants insights into what journal editors and peer reviewers look for in manuscript submissions. For early-career researchers planning to be peer reviewers, the workshop aimed to increase skills in critically reading papers and writing peer review reports in professional and polite English.

After an introduction to journal types, peer review types, and peer review ethics, the audience was asked to critique flawed passages and suggest ways the authors could remedy the problems. The audience was then asked to draft peer review correspondence to the authors, both in summary form and point by point, as well as give summary comments to the journal editor.

The participants said they found the workshop to be a useful introduction to journal peer review and journal publishing, and were very interested in learning more.


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