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Tokyo Institute of Technology hosts three days of Edanz education

Tokyo Institute of Technology hosts three days of Edanz education


Dr Andrew Jackson (Senior Editor) and Mr Alan Purvis (Editor) from Edanz Group held three days of interactive writing workshops for doctoral students at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, on 13-15 September 2016.

Following on from the success of a workshop they gave at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in March 2016, Dr Jackson and Mr Purvis--both trained English teachers for speakers of other languages--were invited back to teach three groups of research students how to write papers for publication in peer-reviewed academic journals. The workshops included a mixture of seminars and hands-on writing and editing exercises to test learning and clarify the points made in the presentations.

Each of the three days was devoted to a different group of 30 PhD students in information technology and mechanical engineering. Throughout each day, small-group discussions were also held to encourage participants to practice their problem-solving, critical thinking, discussion, and debating skills.

Aimed at beginners, each one-day workshop included plenty of worked examples, practical tips, and checklists of common language errors to look for and how to correct them.

The PhD students unanimously commented that they found the workshop useful or very useful.

The organizers were appreciative of the workshops and encouraged their students to continue learning about manuscript writing using the free Edanz e-learning platform Author Academy.


Edanz Group provides tools, resources, and services for researchers and research institutions to publish in international indexed journals and communicate their research to the world. In addition to publication support, editing, and news writing, Edanz offers a range of educational services from trained native-speaking instructors to help all levels of researchers throughout their careers.

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