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Oncology Central and Edanz Partner to Bring Innovative Research and Publication Solutions to the Global Oncology Community

Oncology Central, a leading digital site curating oncology-related information and research, and Edanz, a global provider of scientific and research support services, have announced a partnership that brings together their expertise in oncology research, publishing, digital solutions, and audience engagement. 

The collaboration provides oncologists with innovative solutions to help them conceptualize, plan, and execute oncology research projects, which can be combined with publication solutions such as multimedia enhancements, accelerated publication options, and extended reach strategies. 

Joanne Walker, Head of Publishing Solution, Future Science Group, said “We’re delighted to be working with Edanz on this endeavor. By bringing together our two organizations, we can work towards achieving our common goal of helping oncology researchers achieve timely and accessible publication that enriches the information presented and drives reader to discover and read the content ". 

Dr Daniel McGowan, Edanz Science Director, said "We are thrilled to partner with Oncology Central, one of the world's preeminent sites dedicated exclusively to cancer research. The partnership is particularly exciting as we have a shared vision of helping researchers achieve optimal publication success and impact on cancer treatments worldwide ". 


About Oncology Central 

Oncology Central is a free platform that unites all aspects of oncology to support a multidisciplinary approach to progression of the field. We are dedicated to advancing oncology by offering access to trusted, engaging and insightful resources – including breaking news, peer-reviewed articles, webinars and articles from key opinion leaders. 

By providing 360° perspectives on the latest advancements – encompassing the viewpoints of industry, clinicians, researchers, charities and patients alike –Oncology Central is a key resource for the global oncology community. For more information, visit: https://www.oncology-central.com 

Oncology Central is part of the scientific publisher, Future Science Group (https://www.future-science-group.com/).  


About Edanz 

Edanz (www.edanz.com) is a scientific research support service committed to providing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the international research community, from individual researchers and clinicians to large institutions. Edanz helps scientists reach their goals by providing guidance and support at every stage of research planning, execution, writing, and publication processes.  

The Edanz team include researchers, clinicians, journal editors, peer reviewers, publication consultants, medical writers and medical communications specialists. 

Edanz is part of M3 Group (https://corporate.m3.com/), and a sister company to Doctors.net.uk, Medlive (medlive.cn), m3.com and MDLinx.