English Editing Researcher Services

Checklist for Acceptance

Manuscript completion checklist:

  • The Abstract fully summarizes the paper and contains no information (including data) that does not appear in the main text.
  • The Abstract can be understood without reference to the main text and contains no undefined abbreviations.
  • The Introduction explains what is known and what is not known about the subject (i.e., the knowledge gap you are filling) and is supported by citations to other studies.
  • The novel aspect of the study is explained in the Introduction.
  • The aims of study are clearly stated in the last paragraph of the Introduction.
  • The Methods section contains enough information to allow another researcher to reproduce them.
  • If standard techniques have been used, these are appropriately referenced in the Methods section.
  • All figures and tables show essential data and do not duplicate data presented in the text.
  • The statistical analyses are described in the Methods and reported in the Results.
  • All possible interpretations of the data are mentioned in the Discussion.
  • The findings of the study are compared with those of similar studies.
  • The limitations of the study are stated in the Discussion.
  • The conclusions are stated at the end of the Discussion and they are based on the interpretation of the data.
  • The wider implications and/or applications of the findings are mentioned in the Discussion.
  • All references that are cited in the text appear in the reference list and vice versa.

Submission checklist:

  • Check the manuscript complies with all journal instructions.
  • Check publication fee and/or image/page costs (and if appropriate, that you have the funds).
  • Check abstract is interesting, within word limit and appropriately formatted for the journal.
  • Check figures/tables are drawn to standard required by journal and saved in an appropriate format.
  • Final proof read before submission.
  • Identify potential peer reviewers (if the journal allows or requires suggestions).
  • Write cover letter.
  • Complete any forms necessary for submission (e.g., copyright form).
  • Make an account with the journal’s online submission system.