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Journal Selection

Tips For Selecting A Journal (Infographic)

Finding a good match between your manuscript and a peer-reviewed academic journal is the key to saving time and effort in getting published. A good match will not only minimize the chances, and disappointment, of rejection, but also maximize the chances that your paper is read and cited. This resource and its infographic provide tips for how to select and shortlist appropriate target journals.


Using Journal Selection Tools

Online journal selection tools are a great resource, but it’s also helpful to understand how they work, and the logic that underlies the complicated algorithms.





Choosing the Right Journal: Evaluating Your Research

As a researcher you need to honestly evaluate the significance of your data. How do you evaluate significance? There are three key aspects you should consider: novelty, relevance, and appeal.


Choosing the Right Journal: How to Identify Reputable Journals

With so many journals to choose from, you need to be confident that the journal you submit to is a reputable journal in the field. How can you do this?


Choosing the Right Journal: When to Choose Your Journal

Once you have evaluated your findings you should then choose your journal. That’s right — choose your journal before you write your manuscript!


Choosing the Right Journal: Factors to Consider About Journals

So what should you actually be evaluating when you consider different journals? There are a number of relevant factors


Identifying Non-Reputable Journals

There are a lot of journals out there to choose from and, unfortunately, not all of them are reputable. So how do you know which journals are good to submit to or have sent you a legitimate request for peer review? We’ve provided here a short guide to help you distinguish reputable journals from non-reputable journals. These items are some of the important factors to look for that can help you identify whether a journal’s practices are likely to be trustworthy.


Choose the Journal that is Right for You

Selection of an appropriate journal and publication type is critical: get it right and you instantly increase your chances of successful publication and regular citation. Conversely, sending a manuscript to an inappropriate journal is a frequent cause of rejection.

The aims and scope of the journal, the journal’s target audience and recent publication history, the significance and broadness of appeal of the findings described in your manuscript, and the type of study performed should all be considered before selecting your target journal.